‘Biomarkers and mediators of diseases’



The international associated laboratory ‘MicroRNAs: novel biomarkers of tumor angiogenesis’ (LIA ‘MiR-TANGo’) has been established between the Department of Medical Biotechnology of the Jagiellonian University Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology and the team of Cell Recognition and Glycobiology of CNRS in Orleans. The agreement has been signed on May 29, 2013 in Krakow.

This first LIA in life sciences in Poland was located at the Department of Medical Biotechnology and in the new premises of the Małopolska Centre for Biotechnology. The aim of LIA MirTANGO was research on mechanisms of cancer growth and search for new ways of treating cancer, based on modern innovative therapies. The LIA resulted from the ten-year collaboration of both teams that had already realised several joint research projects, supervised three joint PhDs, several dozen Master’s theses, numerous conferences and workshops as well as new research models and publications in prestigious international periodicals. The laboratory was directed by Prof. Józef Dulak and Prof. Claudine Kieda.

After four successful years the LIA team has renewed the application to CNRS and the extension of LIA for the 2017-2020 has been awarded by CNRS. The LIA will now work on the “Biomarkers and mediators of diseases” (under the acronym miRTangO-BIS), coordinated by prof. Józef Dulak and prof. Eva Jakab-Toth.




Poland                                               France

Jozef Dulak                                     Eva Jakab Toth
email: jozef.dulak@uj.edu.pl               email: eva.jakabtoth@cnrs.fr
phone: +48 12 664 6375                    phone: +33 238 25 76
fax. +48 12 664 6918                         fax. +33 238 63 15


Polish - French Workshop „Biomarkers and mediators of diseases-new approaches in repair/regenerative therapies”, Warsaw 2019

The LIA workshop was held on 4-5 June in Warsaw. This time the meeting was co-organized by the Military Institute of Medicine (LOMTI - Laboratory of Molecular Oncology and Other Therapy), CNRS (CBM-Center de Biophysique Moleculaire) and the Department of Medical Biotechnology FBBB JU.




Polish - French Workshop, “Biomarkers and mediators of diseases” , Kraków, 2018

A workshop was held on May 30 to 1 June in Orléans. As part of the meeting, achievements in research on new mechanisms and biomarkers of cancer diseases, cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory diseases in Poland and in the world were presented, with particular emphasis on research conducted at FBBB UJ.                  



Polish - French Workshop, “Biomarkers and mediators of diseases” , Kraków, 2017

On 26th and 27th June at the FBBB, Polish – French workshop was held to summarize the four-year collaboration (2013-2016) between the Department of Medical Biotechnology and the Molecular Biophysics Center (CNRS) in Orléans under the International Associated Laboratory (LIA).

Workshop of the International Associated Laboratory CNRS-Jagiellonian University 2013-2016

Polish - French Workshops are conducted within the agreement of scientific collaboration that embraces a series of scientific meetings of research teams from Poland and France.  

    Paris, 2013                                         Kraków, 2014                                   Orleans, 2016



Publications in the frame of LIA

(both collaborative Polish-French and on related subjects published  by the Polish team)

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